How Does Technology Affect Education

How Does Technology Affect Education | Effects Of Technology On Education. Will you like to know how does technology affect education positively or negatively and the impact of technology on student learning.

How Does Technology Affect Education

How Does Technology Affect Education | Effects Of Technology On Education

Technology is one thing that has continuously risen to become more and more important in our society. Just a few years ago, we would have had a difficult time imagining how it would continue to grow and become even more prevalent. The sky is the limit for its growth now, and it has continued to revolutionize our life as well as many of the ways we think about education.

There are many new technologies that have come into play in recent years, but among them all there has been no greater invention than computing machines called “computers”. With these awesome machines at our fingertips, education has gone to a whole new level.
There are many different things that computers have allowed us to do in the classroom and at home that could not have been achieved otherwise. The first is having instantaneous access to a lot of information on any topic.

Classrooms are beginning to be wired for “the Internet” which allows students and teachers free access to educational resources such as virtual tours of places they want to visit, travel guides, and much more. This in turn allows us to provide information that can be given to students in a much more dynamic way, as opposed to just presenting it from the traditional printed word.

Other examples of new technologies that are relevant to education include customized textbooks, software programs that allow for the creation of coursework by students and teachers alike, and online classes that may be accessed at home. The Internet has also provided a host of resources for teachers who can collaborate with each other as well as with students on projects or research papers connected to their respective fields.

In the pages that follow, I will be discussing how technology has affected the field of education. I will be discussing some of the ways we have been able to benefit from it as well as some of the ways that it has evolved with our changing needs.

Outlined Effects Of Technology On Education

  • Computer-Based Learning
  • New Technologies and Textbooks
  • New Technologies and Learning Styles

How Does Technology Affect Education | Take a Look At This Effects Of Technology On Education

#1. Computer-Based Learning

One of the big changes that had to be made in order for computers to affect education was a change in mindset. Teachers and students alike had to be taught how and when to use them in a way that would benefit their educational experience. For teachers this change was much easier to make than for students because they were often aware of all the positive things computers could do for them prior to being exposed.

One of the major things that computers have done is allow teachers to customize their curriculums based on what the needs are of each of their students. Teachers can not only tailor the point value of assignments to students’ needs, but they can also incorporate various software programs into their classes to adapt education for each individual based on their learning style and pace.

Teachers can also have instant access to computers so that they may quickly look up information as they teach without having to rely on a textbook or other printed material. Another benefit to this is that teachers can store all the information that has been discussed in class on the computers so that students will always have access to them even after taking a course.

Students benefit tremendously from this technology as well. For the most part, it allows for a teacher to have access to students’ work through instant feedback or revision. Students can also create their own reports and worksheets at a fraction of the time it would take if they had to write them by hand.

Some teachers are starting to even allow their students to take assignments home, so that anyone who has an Internet connection can have instant access to the materials sought by each student.

As computers are more easily integrated into the classroom, they have allowed for greater flexibility in learning. Sometimes this can be a bad thing.
For example, some students find it easier to obtain information through the Internet than through their textbooks. But on the whole, they have allowed us to reach more and more people with our educational message.

#2. New Technologies and Textbooks

One of the biggest issues that many college graduates have today is finding employment in their chosen fields because there is so little available for them.
This is a problem that has only increased in recent years with changes in the educational system. For instance, information technology graduates have been having a difficult time finding jobs because many of the companies who once employed them no longer function in the same way they did before computers.

However, a more current issue that has arisen is how to use new technologies in order to provide students with the best quality education possible.
Another thing that is being looked at is how to make textbook companies more competitive. Many people believe that with computers more readily available to students, there is less need for paper materials, and those who do use them are no longer impressed by the quality of the work.

Textbooks have also shrunk in size over the years and are now only used as reference materials. This has led to many people believing that they are not being taught well at all, since they spend most of their time reading books rather than doing actual learning.

Well, the fact of the matter is that computers and newer technologies have not completely replaced printed materials. In fact, many textbooks have been made to accommodate computers using the Internet, and because they can also use software programs such as text-to-speech features, they can be read by students in more interactive ways.

Even though there are many changes that go on in education with new technologies such as these, books can still play a big part in our educational lives.

#3. New Technologies and Learning Styles

Another issue to come up concerning how new technology is affecting the educational system has to do with learning styles. Different people process information differently, and this is something that has been acknowledged for quite some time now.
Companies such as Caplow have even stated that “a computer and Internet-connected device can overcome a key physical barrier to learning: the amount of time it takes to read a book.


Thanks for reading this post about how technology affects education. From this article you’ll find out that technology is important to education and cannot be ignored or disregarded.

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